Choosing a wedding photographer in Northern Ireland can be a tough decision. Here’s 6 reasons to book me as your wedding photographer.

As I’ve talked about in my post here, there are so many of us to choose from!

When I meet my wedding couples face to face, I always tell them that there are more good than bad wedding photographers in Northern Ireland.

A good wedding photographer does so much more than just take great photographs.

It’s about understanding our couples, knowing what they want, and how to achieve that, as well as melting away all their wedding worries.

The Rabbit Hotel Wedding Ceremony

I Have A Unique Style
This is the most important thing when considering your wedding photographer.

Do you want creative, unique and vibrant images?

I strive to give take photographs that are are crisp, clean and full of colour, and I also have a soft spot for classic and timeless black and white photographs – guaranteed to never go out of style.

Even though the majority of my work is unscripted throughout your wedding day, I often guide couples into poses to help them get the best out of their images.

Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera.  When it comes to the bridal and couple portraits, I do this while having the best craic with you both and keeping it light hearted and fun – and let this fun go into my family shots too. In over 18 years of photographing weddings I’ve learned that there is a time to step in and co-ordinate a wedding couple, and a time to just sit back and let the day unfold – this is often the difference between an experienced wedding photographer, and one who has just started.

Always remember to check a wedding photographer’s full body of work, and not just 1 or 2 lovely images on their social media feed. Even ‘Uncle Bob’ can capture 1 or 2 nice photographs throughout any wedding day.

larchfield estate wedding

I’ll Look After You
I love getting to know my clients before their wedding.

Not only does this mean they are more relaxed with me on the day, leading to more natural photographs but because I really care. You deserve the most wonderful day and if there is anything I, or any of your wedding vendors can do to help make your day extra special, then we owe it to our couples to do that.

I’m often told that I go above and beyond what the average photographer will do at your wedding, and perhaps this is why I often start each year with a busy diary.

The happiness of my couples should be at the forefront of their day.

More importantly, I’m there to reassure you, all whilst not missing a moment. You know that on the day itself I will be working my ass off to make sure you have the most incredible day and photography service, and have everything you need. I like to think of myself as super helpful and when I say if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m Professional
Whether working with new vendors or keeping on top of my paperwork, being professional is a fundamental part of my business.

I’m fully insured and always carry back-up equipment just in case. I back-up all of my images multiple times including on cloud storage and ensure they are safely archived after delivery. It’s my job to give you total peace of mind knowing your images are safe and secure.

I’ve heard stories of photographers not backing up their images and losing hard drives. I’ve heard of wedding photographers not having back-up equipment.

You get one wedding day, and the importance of this is not lost on me, which is why I treat your images with the utmost care.

galgorm resort wedding photography

I Love Weddings
I mean, really love weddings! I am absolutely in my element being surrounded by so much love, so I smile all day. Guests always comment on how happy and friendly I am, which helps them relax and enjoy their day too.

What’s not to like about one big party that is based on love, family, and friends?!? It’s a pleasure to join you on your happy day.

You’re the Boss
I’m not one of those big shot photographers with an even bigger ego that tells you what you can and can’t do. It’s your day, you’re in charge, you’re the boss!

I won’t control your wedding, shout at your guests or tell you how many group shots you can have. We will go through the details together before your big day and you can give me a list of everything you’d like me to achieve for you. After all, you’re paying for a service that I want you to be overjoyed with.

golden hour galgorm resort wedding

I’ve Been There and Done That
I get it, I really do. I’ve had my wedding day and have relived it a million times. I know how important your day is to you and  how it’s all you think about.

The little things are the big things and I completely understand that, which is why I mean it when I say I will put my heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears* into creating the best images I possibly can.

*yes I hold my hands up – I will probably get emotional when you walk down the aisle, say your vows and sometimes even during speeches. Good job I can hide behind my camera haha!

Bonus tip – View a selection of weddings and their photographs from your selected photographer

It’s relatively easy for a wedding photographer to gather a set of images for their website home page or blog post that will impress. When a wedding is being shot, thousands of photographs will be taken by the camera, so a photographer can get lucky and come up with a few solid images that are worth sharing at the end of it all.

What’s far more difficult is capturing a whole wedding where the photos look great from start to finish. Ask your wedding photographer to show you a couple of weddings that they have shot recently IN FULL. That way you’ll be able to truly judge the quality and consistency of their work.

You’ll quickly discover if their wedding photos are jam-packed with great moments and creative compositions, or if most of them are pretty average with a few exceptional ones here and there. You’ll also be better able to see if their style will work for you.

castle leslie wedding photography

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Mark Barnes 

Award winning wedding photographer, Northern Ireland. 

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