How long do I need a wedding photographer for? 

As part of my series on Wedding Questions from Couples, today I’m exploring just how long you need a wedding photographer for on your big day.  

As I’ve mentioned before, wedding days can be full of questions that come out of bringing together a number of vendors, from flowers to celebrants, from videographers to bridesmaids. Your big day is full of details that you’ve spent months, if not years, planning. 

Some wedding couples may not realise it, but not everyone needs a photographer for the whole extended day.  

Many photographers offer a basic package that carries to your dinner. This will cover bridal preparation, ceremony, family shots and sometimes speeches. 

Wedding Morning Preparations Northern Ireland

Extended coverage is often at an extra cost to the wedding couple which will keep a photographer snapping until your guests are throwing shapes on the dance floor.  

The advantages of only having a wedding photographer with you up to dinner is that you’ll capture those important moments and save on your budget.  

Weddings shouldn’t have to break your bank, but there’s a balance between giving yourself the perfect day and saving on unnecessary costs.  

A way to reduce these costs is to only take the basic package of your wedding photographer. With me, you’ll still get those portrait shots for the ‘mantelpiece’ that you want.  

The extended coverage gives you that little bit more.  

I get to photograph your first dance – and you’ll only have one first dance! I then get to capture the party that happens when people let their hair down – including the bride and groom! I get to see your favourite Aunt on the dancefloor, or your 8 year old nephew bust some moves.  

I get to capture the father of the bride finally let those tears out, your nan in fits of laughter and your best friend after one or two too many giving you that embracing hug that says nothing short of “I love you”.  

Ultimately its your choice. And while this post is titled “how long do I need a wedding photographer for” I’ll hold my hands up and answer this one like I often do:  

The choice is yours and it’s down to your needs at to what you choose.  

Some couples value those candid photographs at the end of the day. Other couples put more emphasis on videography and want to save money on photography.  

Whatever you choose, make it your day and do it your way.  

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