Wedding FAQs

• How many images will we receive?

A typical wedding averages between 750 - 1,200 images upon delivery. So there will be plenty to entertain you and relive the day from. Each image is professionally edited by myself.

• Are you the only photographer?

Yes, I am a solo shooter, however if you would like to have an additional second photographer that isn't a problem at all, this can be added to your collection. I only use full time professional photographers to second shoot alongside me.

• Do you charge for travel?

I don't charge any travel for weddings in Northern Ireland and bordering counties. For weddings a little further afield and abroad, I charge for travel and accommodation costs, but just let me know your plans and I can let you know an approximate cost beforehand.

• When will we receive our images?

I strive to get the photos to you within 6 weeks of your wedding, however it can be a little longer in the heart of the summer as it's my crazy peak season for shooting weddings... you can't rush perfection! :)

• Do you only shoot weddings in Northern Ireland?

I'm happy to travel wherever your wedding is! I've photographed weddings all over the UK & Ireland and across Europe.

• What time do you leave / how long do you stay for on the day?

Depending on what package you choose, I will stay up until the point where you make your entrance into the meal or when booking extended coverage I will stay up for your first hour of evening entertainment.

• How do we book you?

Before you book me, I always recommend a quick chat either by phone, meeting face to face or Facetime / Zoom if you live abroad.

If you are close to my studio, you are more than welcome to meet up for a coffee and let me hear all about your big day. After that I can send you to your own online client portal to cross the t's and dot the i's.

I work on a first come, first serve basis. Your date isn't secured with me until you have paid your £300 booking fee.

• I love natural photos and we are so awkward in front of the camera, is this a problem?

If only I had a pound for everytime I heard this statement! It's totally normal and excuse me while I blow my own trumpet a little. I always pride myself on making people feel comfortable in front of the camera and have always said "If I can't make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, then there's no hope for you!".

It's all about keeping things relaxed and fun and having the craic with you both. Life shouldn't taken too seriously and I believe weddings fall under that category. Trust me! I have been photographing weddings for over 17 years and have photographed over 700 to date, so i've been about the block and blending into your wedding day comes naturally to me.